What is "Giraffluence?"

is like fingerprints - unique to each of us. 

At this point in your life, you may be on, or well along, the path to a simplified definition of success.  Maybe you are earning a great living. Maybe you're advancing in your career. Maybe you're doing exactly what others expect you to do, but...

Something is still missing for you! 

Your focus on certain areas of life can be a detrimental to others. When the five areas of your life are too far out of balance, you may be suffering from "affluenza."  

Common signs of affluenza:

  • No time or motivation to exercise or socialize
  • Can't afford to leave your job
  • Working hard, but rewards lag
  • Can't remember the last time you felt stress-free or happy
  • Focus on others' needs at the expense of your own
  • Not enough free time to enjoy real relationships

You've taken a big step to rise above your problems, evolve in your thinking, and create a better life. 

Giraffluence is the life
you wish you had! 

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The Five Areas of Giraffluence

What dangers
are you ignoring?

We are taught to focus and work harder to complete the task at hand. We learn to sacrifice to achieve.  As a result, we get tunnel vision and subconsciously ignore potential pitfalls all around us.    

I Want Tips to Avoid Pitfalls & Reach My Goals

Evolution of
the Pathfinder

After 25 years of solving complicated financial problems for thousands of millionaires and a few billionaire families, Chris Jarvis was making a lot of money but he was unhappy, unhealthy, and unfulfilled.  

He sold his company for millions, paid off his investors, and set out to discover three things:

  1. Why do most successful people plateau and get stuck? 
  2. What makes some people much happier than others?
  3. How can we find success and  happiness at the same time?

After years of research, and training with some of the world's best coaches, we found the way to a better path? 


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Jack Canfield

“I love Chris’ brilliant intellect, wonderful sense of humor, and no-BS approach to business and life. Chris is first and foremost a teacher who wants to help people by eliminating the unnecessary stress around money. His motives are pure, and his advice is unbiased.”

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